18/09/2017 Fifa


The Paris Saint Germain eSports team is delighted to announce the signing of Johann “ManiiKa” Simon.

This new season involves new ambitions for the PSG eSports who are welcoming in their team, one of the best FIFA player in the world. ManiiKa is known and used to the e-sport scene, in fact he is signing after a really successful season on FIFA 17. Indeed he has won the title of the French Orange e-Ligue 1 cup. He also did great in internationals tournaments and managed to get himself into the top 3 at the FUT Championship Series.



Born in Lorraine but huge fan of the PSG, ManiiKa is joining the club with a certain emotion. “I am truly honored to join one of the best clubs in the world which has always been my beloved club.”


He has without a doubt reached a new stage these past months but the french player really excels by his regularity at the top level since many years now. ManiiKa was the only player to take part in the FIWC world cup in 2016 and in 2017, he even managed to get past the group stage during these two events.

Thanks to the signing of Johann, the PSG e-sports clearly shows their world title ambitions, a goal also shared by the player: “I have accomplished one of my biggest dreams, signing for the PSG e-Sports, and I hope to accomplish another one by becoming the world champion wearing that prestigious shirt. I will for sure do my best to contribute to the success of the PSG institution all along the season. Ici c’est Paris !”

ManiiKa loves the beautiful game, his style based on possession and slow build up play around the penalty area is now tried and tested. After his performances this year he now is one
of the most difficult player to come up against in the world.

In FIFA 18, keeping the ball will be one of the keys to success. The new PSG player will have some true skills to use in that area as soon as the game lauches.

Today, the Parc have a new prince, welcome ManiiKa and allez Paris !

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