05/10/2017 League of Legends


PSG eSports’ ambitions are, as announced with the launch of our eSports divisions,  to reinforce our international influence and to reach new audiences while diversifying our activities.


As part of our 2018 season’s preparation, and after much discussions with the game publisher, Riot Games, numerous uncertainties remain in our view on the future of the League of Legends eSports scene in Europe.


Our Challengers Series experiences lead us to wonder about the League of Legends competitive scene economic balance. The revenue sharing model offered by Riot Games is very far from compensating the costs of a structure with European ambitions, partly because of the strong inflation of pro-gamers salaries, in our mind unjustified regarding the audience numbers evolution of the last months.


As a result, we chose to suspend our activities on League of Legends for the moment.

Nonetheless we want to thank Riot Games for the assistance and support they gave us.


We will of course continue investing in our eSports division, as shown last week with the launch of our Rocket League team, and we are already preparing new announcements for the next season.

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