17/02/2019 Brawl Stars


This is an important news for PSG Esports but also for French Esports: Trapa joins the Parisian club by becoming the coach of the new Brawl Stars. In addition to being a coach, he will also be one of the official youtubers of Paris Saint Germain Esports.

Théodore Bayoux, alias Trapa, is a well known name in French Mobile Sports. First noticed for his commentary skills on Clash Royale, he later became presenter on the French Esports channel ES1TV. Today, he has more than 600,000 followers on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram, making him one of the most influential figures in French Esports.

In an interview in November 2017, Le Monde already called him “le Thierry Roland de l’Esport” because, like the famous sports commentator, Trapa is a passionate expert who knows how to analyse players’ strategy and tactics while creating the necessary enthusiasm to make the audience vibrate.

He comments on the biggest Clash Royale competitions around the world. A great connoisseur of the games created by Supercell, he recently excelled for his analyses of the new Brawl Stars game, which he comments and explains like no one else.

But it is a brand new role entrusted to him by the PSG by naming him coach/manager of the Brawl Stars team. But according to Yassine Jaada, who is full of praise for him, it is a perfectly logical continuation for Trapa: “Who could be more legitimate than him? He is the referent in mobile games in France and for us it was impossible to get there without him by our side“.

With top-level teams on Brawl Stars, as well as Trapa coaching them and creating content on Youtube, PSG Esports has all the cards in hand to become the leader on Esports Mobile this year. Allez Paris!

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