05/08/2017 League of Legends


July 27th, Paris. Good luck to our League of Legends substitute top laner Matti 'Whiteknight' Sormunen who is going to Ninjas In Pyjamas.

From a common agreement, Paris Saint-Germain eSports and Matti ‘Whiteknight’ Sormunen decided to transfer him into the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) team : Ninjas In Pyjamas.


It’s been a complicated Summer Split for PSG eSports. As the team didn’t manage to transpose their scrim results into the real games, we needed to make some roster changes. In the middle of the Split Matti ‘Whiteknight’ Sormunen had to let the Top lane to Max SatoriusGünther.


« I am quite happy of the spring split, coming so close to LCS, and of my own performance. Summer split was a disaster though. It brought me a lot of knowledge about the game overall and found some of my weaknesses that I can work on. »


Bora says : « Matti has always been a good player considering that he has always been in the top Solo Queue rankings. He needed to obviously learn a lot to play in a team and to be a good teammate but improved at a good pace. He has been a solid player and I believe that he will be a great player in the future. »


At first Matti joined PSG eSports to play as the starter top laner of the Spring Split, with the last changes in the team his new substitute role didn’t suit him.


« I feel excited about joining NiP and I am looking forward to improving myself and hopefully showing up when it counts. I would like to thank all my fans for their support even when I am not on my best performance ! »


Yellowstar stated : « The transfer of Matti to Ninjas In Pyjamas is a good opportunity for him to get more experience in competitive, especially in the LCS. Not surprising to see a lot of transfers at this time considering that playoffs or promotion/relegation are approaching. Glad to see this happening and becoming more common. »


We really want to thank Whiteknight for doing such a great job on the top lane. See you soon on the Rift !

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