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18 /02


At the beginning of this year 2019, PSG Esports decided to acquire a Youtuber entirely dedicated to the FIFA eWorld Cup tour.

His mission: to follow the club's FIFA players on the competitions they are playing in and create exclusive content on their experiences and performances. Arsène, aka AF5, is a French FIFA youtuber and specialist, with more than 300,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel. He creates content around the game, FUT, packs, drafts and tutorials teaching all kinds of dribbles and technical gestures. A few months ago, AF5 was selected to represent France at the World Cup for Youtubers. This competition brings together the world's greatest FIFA youtubers. This year, the competition was held in Los Angeles, and it was AF5 who brought the Cup home, defeating the famous Saudi representative Abdulaziz Alshehri, FIFA 15 World Champion. In addition to being an excellent FIFA player, he is also a very strong football player. This is demonstrated by several videos where he can be seen full of technique and experience alongside the youtuber footballer Boumé Sama or the Today It's Football crew. As you will have understood, AF5 is a big football fan but also and above all a fan of Paris Saint-Germain. As PSG Esports FIFA players were increasingly solicited, it became complicated for them to create content around their careers and share it with their fans, while remaining 100% focused on their competitions. This is why PSG Esports has chosen to work with AF5. According to Yassine Jaada, AF5 is "very close to our FIFA players and a big PSG fan" before adding that "associating Arsène with our players to make content was simply natural, we expect him to follow our players through the various competitions to show the backstage and make exclusive content around them". » A few months after being named 2018 World Champion Youtuber, AF5 is now the official youtuber of PSG Esports. Be sure that you can count on him to track the adventures of our players during this FIFA eWorld Cup 2019, which promises to be exciting this year... Let's welcome him to the PSG. Allez, Paris!

17 /02
Brawl Stars


This is an important news for PSG Esports but also for French Esports: Trapa joins the Parisian club by becoming the coach of the new Brawl Stars.

In addition to being a coach, he will also be one of the official youtubers of Paris Saint Germain Esports. Théodore Bayoux, alias Trapa, is a well known name in French Mobile Sports. First noticed for his commentary skills on Clash Royale, he later became presenter on the French Esports channel ES1TV. Today, he has more than 600,000 followers on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram, making him one of the most influential figures in French Esports. In an interview in November 2017, Le Monde already called him "le Thierry Roland de l'Esport" because, like the famous sports commentator, Trapa is a passionate expert who knows how to analyse players' strategy and tactics while creating the necessary enthusiasm to make the audience vibrate. He comments on the biggest Clash Royale competitions around the world. A great connoisseur of the games created by Supercell, he recently excelled for his analyses of the new Brawl Stars game, which he comments and explains like no one else. But it is a brand new role entrusted to him by the PSG by naming him coach/manager of the Brawl Stars team. But according to Yassine Jaada, who is full of praise for him, it is a perfectly logical continuation for Trapa: "Who could be more legitimate than him? He is the referent in mobile games in France and for us it was impossible to get there without him by our side". With top-level teams on Brawl Stars, as well as Trapa coaching them and creating content on Youtube, PSG Esports has all the cards in hand to become the leader on Esports Mobile this year. Allez Paris!

16 /02
Brawl Stars


Yassine Jaada said it a few days ago: "Brawl Stars has been a huge mobile game phenomenon lately.

We're glad to be one of the very first Esports team to make a move on it with such a strong french team.". The Chief Gaming Officer of PSG Esports was clear when he made this announcement... By creating a team on the all-new Brawl Stars, the PSG is now competing in a 6th game, the 2nd on mobile ! Supercell released its new Brawl Stars game in December 2018, after beta testing it in several countries for almost a year. After a long period of time without releasing new games, the Finnish studio hits very hard again with this game that has counted 15 million players in record time. For its launch, it was ranked first in the App Store Ranking in 9 countries and made the Top 10 in 30 countries. Supercell still forces respect with this new game. In order to quickly position itself as one of the leading teams on Brawl Stars, PSG Esports has constituted a solid team, and 100% French. The composition to be discovered here: - Murat 'SunBentley' Can - Maxime 'TwistiTwik' Alic - Anthony 'Tony M' Cagny This trio of Frenchies is simply one of the best that can be formed. They are among the very best Brawl Stars players. Indeed, their trophy all-time record is around 17,000, a special mention for Maxime 'TwistiTwik' Alic who reached 17,163, one of the highest scores in the game. But that's not all, our 3 players have already proven that they are among the best. Anthony 'Tony M' Cagny has already been ranked 1st in the world leaderboard, while Maxime 'TwistiTwik' Alic and Murat 'SunBentley' Can have been respectively 2nd and 4th in the ranking. You will have understood, we are on a very high level here. The beginning of 2019 for PSG Esports is clearly marked by a will to expand. The creation of 2 new teams on mobile games is not insignificant, it is a strategic choice that results from a clear vision. This is confirmed by Yassine Jaada's comments when he was asked about the PSG Esports objective for 2019: "To do better than 2018, to be established in new regions of the world with teams on new games." Well, it's been made! This year 2019 promises to be an exciting one for PSG Esports, we are counting on you to follow all of this and hope you will enjoy the show. Allez Paris!

09 /02
Mobile Legends


After a strong partnership with LGD Gaming on Dota 2 and FIFA Online, allowing PSG Esports to enter China, the club is now arriving in Indonesia with a first-class Mobile Legends team.

During a press conference held in Jakarta on February 8, the PSG publicly announced the composition of its new Mobile Legends team, the 5th game on which the Parisian brand is competing. As Yassine Jaada, Chief Gaming Officer of PSG Esports, says: "Asia is a strategic market for PSG Esports. It's time for us to move down to Asia Pacific." It is therefore by collaborating with the Team Rex Regum Qeon that the PSG is propelled directly into the famous Mobile Legends Pro League Season 3, in Indonesia. Because as Yassine Jaada points out: "With 43 millions Mobile Legends players, half of them in Indonesia, getting into this game was obvious for us. PSG Esports is striving for the best and we are glad to make an association with leading Team RRQ." From his side, Andrian Pauline, CEO of the famous Indonesian brand Team RRQ, founded in 2013 and already competing in 8 games, states with enthusiasm: "Team Rex Regum Qeon is very proud and honored with this collaboration, PSG is a very prestigious brand in the world." Made up of 6 top players, including 5 Indonesians and 1 Taiwanese, the objective of this new team is simple and Yassine Jaada reminds it to us: "With such quality in our team, we are looking to be the number one." That is said. Pioneers on Mobile Legends, the Indonesians are among the most experienced and skilled players in the game. It was therefore important for the PSG to have this type of gamer in its ranks. Nationality, age, names, here are all the details about the recruits of this new PSG ESPORTS team: - Muhammad 'Lemon' Ikhsan - Indonesia - 20 years old - Diky 'Tuturu' - Indonesia - 26 years old - William 'Liam' Setiawan - Indonesia - 20 years old - Try 'AyamJAGO' Sukardi - Indonesia - 22 years old - Chen 'James' Jui Teng - Taiwan - 24 years old - Calvien 'InstincT'  Indonesia - 26 years old Good news: the majority of the competitions will be broadcast! In addition, the results of the games as well as the statistics will be available on the Instagram and the Youtube channel of 'Team RRQ'. By adding a new rope to its bow, PSG Esports is clearly showing its leading ambitions. Moreover, the PSG Chief Gaming Officer did not miss the opportunity to remind everyone during the press conference: "We will keep working in the right direction to make of PSG Esports a leading Esports brand". Let's welcome this brand-new PSG ESPORTS team and wish them victory. Allez Paris!