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15 /08


The PSG.

LGD Dota2 team will be in Vancouver from August 15th to 25th to take part in The International 8, the Dota 2 world championships.   Four months after their creation, the Paris Saint-Germain Esports section and the Chinese club LGD, are about to contest the most important tournament of their 2018 season. Not less than 24 millions dollars are on the line but more importantly, it is the opportunity to win an historic title.   A part of the history of Valve MOBA has already been written by PSG ESPORTS when it became the first French club to be part of that competition, one of the most prestigious in the esports' realm, every games included. But apart from its own epic, the Parisian club now shares a legacy, the one of its partner, LGD. Since its first participation in 2012, the Chinese structure is the only one who hasn't missed a single edition of TI. But despite its three podiums, LGD is still running after a first world championship title.   This year, PSG.LGD upkeep the ambition to change history and to uphold one of the oldest adage of the Dota 2 stage. TI has always crowned Chinese teams during even-numbered years and Wang ‘Ame’ Chunyu, Lu ‘Maybe’ Yao, Yang ‘Chalice’ Shenyi, Xu ‘Fy’ Linsen as well as Jian Wei ‘xNova’ Yap are willing to honor the tradition.     These last four months, the Parisians showed a great level as well as a remarkable regularity which allowed them to win two major trophies, one in Moscow during the EPICENTER XL and the other one in front of their own public in the MDL Changsha. But The International is more than a trophy, it represents on its own, the height of a professional player's career.   This dream, Wang ‘Ame’ Chunyu and  Lu ‘Maybe’ Yao got close to make it happen last summer. After a terrible disillusion in the first round against Virtus.Pro (0-2), LGD recovered in the lower bracket all the way up to the fourth place where the team got stopped by the future world champions, Team Liquid. A year later, the team, under  Xu ‘Fy’ Linsen commands, is now considered as the favourite and they are ready to rumble.   PSG.LGD will start its TI8 in group A, a really hard one in which the team will have to make it to the first four ranks in order to qualify for the Main Event. The quality opponents are not missing, the Parisians will notably have to face Team Liquid, the title holder and runner-up of the Pro Circuit but also Mineski, the winners of the Asia Dota 2 championships or even Fnatic, the team who qualified in the south-east Asia region who are known to be surprising duringthe The International.   There is still a long way to go to the Aegis of Champions but PSG.LGD is ready to compete in front of the 18 000 awaited spectators of the Vancouver Rangers Arena. It all starts on August 15th at 6pm and you will be able to watch the competition on Dota official channel. The first game will oppose the PSG.LGd to the European team OG. Ici c'est Paris !

14 /08


Paris, 08/14/18 – The Paris Saint-Germain family continues to grow with the arrival of Lynx amongst the PSG.

LGD team partners. With a duration of three months, this partnership will be displayed through the presence of the men’s cosmetics brand’s logo on the sleeves of the shirts worn by the five players of the Dota 2 team.   The Lynx brand - known in France under the name ‘Axe’ - is one of the key entities of French group Unilever. The brand has, throughout the years, known how to differentiate itself from its competitors thanks to the consistent innovation of its products and its capacity to reach its target market, young people in particular, thanks to a sense of humor that has become the trademark of its advertising. Fabien Allègre, Director of Merchandising and Diversification at Paris Saint-Germain, said: “Our PSG.LGD team is already welcoming its third partner! We are very proud that a global brand as Lynx gives us its trust. In the space of four months, our players have demonstrated their skill and the credibility of our project. We will continue to work, with the support of Lynx, during the coming months to make our two French brands shine throughout the world, particularly in China where Dota 2 is hugely popular.”   On Lynx's side we added: “We are very happy to associate our brand with the PSG Esports Dota 2 team. Paris Saint-Germain distinguishes itself from other football clubs thanks to its involvement in innovative markets, such as esport, which allows it to reach audiences in countries which are key to its development. The club is making a strategic choice by taking a gamble on Asia and it’s a great opportunity for us to accompany it in this adventure.”   This month, Lynx will benefit from an important first piece of exposure whilst the PSG.LGD team participate in the tournament ‘The International 8’ in Vancouver. The final stages start this Wednesday and the tournament is a highly anticipated event amongst the esport community.

13 /08


Paris, 08/13/18 – Paris Saint-Germain is proud to welcome Douyu, a Chinese streaming platform specialized in the streaming of video games, as a new partner of its Esports team PSG.

LGD on Dota2. This one-year partnership will see Douyu's logo appear on the clavicle area of the shirt worn by the five Parisian gamers.   Douyu has gone through a huge period of growth in recent years following investment from solid financial partners such as those from Chinese giant, Tencent. Today, the platform excels as a form of entertainment media that attracts more and more young Chinese people who show an every-increasing appetite for online content.   Fabien Allègre, Director of Merchandising and Diversification at Paris Saint-Germain, declared : « We are very happy to welcome Douyu into the PSG Esports Dota2 team. We hope to be able to utilize our knowledge and respective experiences in the video game world to win new titles, with the upcoming tournament ‘The International 8’ in Vancouver in our sights, for which we have been particularly well prepared since the beginning of our Dota2 adventure. »     Douyu declared: « It is with great pride that we join the PSG.LGD family of which we have followed the many great performances since the team’s launch four months ago. The team has great potential and has, up until now, been present at the very top by winning the Epicenter XL and the MDL Changsha, two important tournaments last May. We will do our best to lead the team towards new heights and make it shine most notably on Chinese territory, where we enjoy a large network. »   This partnership was agreed whilst Paris Saint-Germain was in Asia for its summer tour, during which Paris Saint-Germain Esports was able to experience the popularity of its different teams amongst young people in Asia. Ici c'est Paris !

09 /08


Paris, 08/09/18 - Paris Saint-Germain Esports has signed a one-year partnership with Monster Energy, one of the global leaders in the energy drink market.

  The PSG.LGD players will now display the Monster Energy logo on their kits throughout the DOTA2 competitions. Signed during the Paris Saint-Germain Summer Tour in Asia, this partnership occurs on the eve of the first participation of the club to The International, the world championships of Valve's MOBA which will take place from 15th to 25th of August in Vancouver.   Monster Energy and Paris Saint-Germain eSports share the same aspiration which is to establish lastingly on the eSports world stage and conquer the Asian market. It is the first ever sponsorship agreement concluded since the association between Paris Saint-Germain Esports and the Chinese organization LGD Gaming, back in February.   For Yassine Jaada, Paris Saint-Germain eSports manager : « Monster is part of those referent brands on the Esports world stage. This brand is the one Paris Saint-Germain Esports needed to sustain its legitimacy and validate the project we started with LGD few month ago. We are proud of that trust and are now looking forward to growing alongside Monster Energy. »   For Monster Energy : « Paris Saint-Germain is one of the top football clubs in Europe and in the world. Paris Saint-Germain not only refers to a strong concept as a brand, but is also an integral part of the Parisian culture. We have many experiences of sponsorship and promotion in the field of Esports, we like to collaborate with “cool” brands that have a global impact. Paris Saint-Germain is undoubtedly part of this type of brands and we are eager to work together. Their association with the Chinese team LGD Gaming, one of the best teams in the world on Dota2, leads us to think that this partnership between PSG.LGD and Monster Energy can sparkle around the world. »   An enthusiasm shared by Fabien Allègre, Paris Saint-Germain merchandising and diversification director : « For the past four months, our Dota2 team has been keeping improving and achieving great performances. We are pleased today to welcome Monster Energy in the PSG Esports family and share this pioneering adventure that Paris Saint-Germain started almost two years ago. Together, we will work to promote our respective brands amongst young people in China and around the world. »   The sponsorship contract between the PSG Esports and Monster Energy has been signed for a one-year term. Ici c'est Paris !   

01 /08
Rocket League


Paris Saint-Germain eSports welcomes Danish player Emil ‘Fruity’ Moselund in its Rocket League team.

  After some difficult months on the international scene, PSG eSports brings some new blood into its Rocket League team and recruits a young danish nugget. From League of Legends to the Rocket League scene, Emil 'Fruity' Moselund started his career with Copenhagen Flames before getting noticed by The Bricks. He will replace Dan ‘Bluey’ Bluett, benched for the following matches. « We often talked about changing the team, especially these last months because of our results on one part, but also because of our understanding. I’ve always had faith in our potential, that is why we have sticked together so long » explains Victor ‘Ferra’ Francal.   To find their new teammate, Thibault ‘Chausette’ Grzesiak and Victor ‘Ferra’ Francal have : « tried a lot of players, some of them French, because communicating in French is more comfortable for us. But it’s Fruity who impressed us the most and with whom we felt the more confident in game. His recent results with his former team proved us that he had the required level and we have no doubt on his very positive attitude and motivation for this new season. Our goal is to reach the world championships ».   The Parisiens will have the summer to prepare their Rocket League Championship Series Season 6. First match will be on September 9th, ici c’est Paris !