27/04/2017 League of Legends



April 27th, Paris. We are announcing the departure of WooHyung ‘Pilot’ Na, who was AD carry for our League of Legends team.


To build a team from nothing is not an easy task. But head of Paris Saint-Germain eSports Bora Yellowstar Kim knew what he was doing when he recruited Pilot.


« Pilot was one of my first choice for his position » says Yellowstar. « He is very talented and I had already noticed him a few years ago while he was beginning in LCK. »


Contacted thanks to Yellowstar’s former teammates, Pilot then passed some tests that were perfectly convincing.


Unfortunately, nothing happened as planned during our first competitive League of Legends season. After a tough start, the team managed narrowly to qualify for the playoffs that allowed a direct ticket for the promotion tournament. But after a difficult fight, PSG eSports ended up losing the series. Disappointed by the performance, PSG eSports’ staff decided to say goodbye to WooHyung.


« It was the first time that he had to leave his home country to come in Europe. Unfortunately, he hasn’t managed to make his mark in Europe and has been confronted to the language barrier. We had some very good moments with his constant enthusiasm » says Yellowstar. « However, the defeat has been badly lived by the team and from a common understanding, we decided to split with Pilot. The team then got back to work to fin solutions and improvements for the upcoming Summer Split that will begin in June. We wish him a successful continuation ! »


We will communicate about our new team around mid-May. Until then, au revoir Pilot and thank you for this Challenger Series split !



* We apologize for the previous bad translation of the article.

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