16/02/2019 Brawl Stars


Yassine Jaada said it a few days ago: “Brawl Stars has been a huge mobile game phenomenon lately. We’re glad to be one of the very first Esports team to make a move on it with such a strong french team.”. The Chief Gaming Officer of PSG Esports was clear when he made this announcement… By creating a team on the all-new Brawl Stars, the PSG is now competing in a 6th game, the 2nd on mobile !

Supercell released its new Brawl Stars game in December 2018, after beta testing it in several countries for almost a year. After a long period of time without releasing new games, the Finnish studio hits very hard again with this game that has counted 15 million players in record time. For its launch, it was ranked first in the App Store Ranking in 9 countries and made the Top 10 in 30 countries. Supercell still forces respect with this new game.

In order to quickly position itself as one of the leading teams on Brawl Stars, PSG Esports has constituted a solid team, and 100% French. The composition to be discovered here:

– Murat ‘SunBentley‘ Can
– Maxime ‘TwistiTwik‘ Alic
– Anthony ‘Tony M‘ Cagny

This trio of Frenchies is simply one of the best that can be formed. They are among the very best Brawl Stars players. Indeed, their trophy all-time record is around 17,000, a special mention for Maxime ‘TwistiTwik‘ Alic who reached 17,163, one of the highest scores in the game.
But that’s not all, our 3 players have already proven that they are among the best. Anthony ‘Tony M‘ Cagny has already been ranked 1st in the world leaderboard, while Maxime ‘TwistiTwik‘ Alic and Murat ‘SunBentley‘ Can have been respectively 2nd and 4th in the ranking. You will have understood, we are on a very high level here.

The beginning of 2019 for PSG Esports is clearly marked by a will to expand. The creation of 2 new teams on mobile games is not insignificant, it is a strategic choice that results from a clear vision. This is confirmed by Yassine Jaada’s comments when he was asked about the PSG Esports objective for 2019: “To do better than 2018, to be established in new regions of the world with teams on new games.”

Well, it’s been made! This year 2019 promises to be an exciting one for PSG Esports, we are counting on you to follow all of this and hope you will enjoy the show. Allez Paris!

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