16/04/2019 Rocket League


As a reminder of this famous mystical number, it was on April 7 that the much-anticipated 7th season of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) began. Eight teams from all over Europe will compete in this group phase, which will last until May 5.


Composed of Emil ‘Fruity’ Moselund’, Victor ‘Ferra’ Francal and Thibault ‘Chausette45′ Grzesiak, the PSG Esports team is very expected after its participation to the Rocket League Showdown 2 months ago.


During season 6, our team started the competition under no pressure and managed to finish in 7th place. But this year, this young team is coming with some intentions, because as its senior member, Emil ‘Fruity‘ Moselund, announced a few days ago: “We have proven that we can be one of the top four teams in Europe“.


This new season is marked by the arrival of a new team in the game, coming from a club with a strong ambition: FC Barcelona, which is strengthening its foothold in the sport by creating a Rocket League team. Watch out for them.


In terms of rewards, the 8 teams participating in this season 7 will share the amount of $214,250, the equivalent of about 190,000€. And it is better to finish in the top 4, which will receive $126,125 as follows:


– 1st: $38,531.25

– 2nd: $33,531.25

– 3rd: $28,531.25

– 4th $25,531.25


Enough to give the mouth water to our players….


And yet, for its first game, PSG Esports suffered a 3-1 loss to Team Vitality, a victory that had a taste of revenge for Team Vitality, who missed their qualification for the World Showdown of Esports in Las Vegas two months ago, losing to PSG Esports. This victory had allowed our team to qualify. Congratulations to them for this victory.


As if they were pricked in their pride, our team immediately corrected the shot in their second game by correcting the Dignitas team 3-0. A one-way game that started with a score of 7 goals to 2 during the first round and allowed our trio to take the psychological advantage over hesitant opponents.


With this victory, PSG Esports showed its true colours by raising its level of play and answering well to this 7th RCLS season. Currently in 3rd place in the ranking, our trio must continue on this run to reach their goal of reaching the top 4 and returning to the World Showdown of Esports once again. Because as ‘Fruity‘ told us in an interview: “Once you’ve tasted it, you want to go back every season

We wish them to succeed. Allez Paris!

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