28/02/2017 League of Legends


Paris, February 28th. We are pleased to announce that Paris Saint-Germain League of Legends Team will participate to the Lyon eSport tournament this weekend !

While the Spring Split of the Challenger Series is about to end, players and managers of PSG eSports League of Legends team have decided to participate to the french tournament organized by the Lyon eSport. We have met head of eSports Bora ‘Yellowstar’ Kim to get to know more about their decision to participate this tournament.


A good fourth week in Challenger Series for Paris Saint-Germain League of Legends team. After a complicated beginning, the team finally wins its first series against Kinguin.


« I’m a bit relieved, but the harder is still to be done, it is a very decisive match that we will play on Sunday ! » says Yellowstar.


And for a reason, this match will determine the future of the League of Legends team : thanks to their victory last Sunday, the Playoffs are now reachable as they are now tied to Team Kinguin, Fnatic Academy and Millenium. Let’s remind that only four teams will have the chance to face each other during the Playoffs and win a place for the Promotion tournament and qualify for the LCS. Aren’t they afraid to play this last match at the Lyon eSport ?


« I’m aware of the importance of the Challenger Series and it is still our priority. This will be a decisive match for our future and we will prepare it at our best. From a competitive point of view, our participation at the Lyon eSport will allow us to play with real tournament conditions and will also prepare us for the match on Sunday. The players wanted to play the tournament and we can see a lot of positif points in it ! »


The Lyon eSport has become one of the most known tournament in France. For a team like PSG, it seemed quite important to be part of it.


« The Lyon eSport will be our first offline event and we have the chance to participate to a french tournament. It is a good occasion for the players to play with a different environment, with a public and a scene. Playing in a tournament is also a chance to gain some experiences with matches that are different from our daily trainings. » Yellowstar explains. « On the long run, it can be beneficial for the stress management, the proximity with the public and the matches’ conditions during events. »


Players and staff only see positive points. It is important to note that Millenium will also participate the Lyon eSport : Paris Saint-Germain League of Legends team will possibly meet them during the tournament !


« If it had to happen, we will play seriously because our goal is to win. »


This will be the occasion for both teams to warm up before their Challenger Series match that will take place at 3PM CET this Sunday.


« The team has improved a lot since a few weeks, the general awareness that we needed to change something and the decisions that have been taken by the management allowed to improve a lot of aspects. I expect a lot from my players and I know what they are capable of, I’m trusting them. » he adds. « At the moment, our team counts 6 players, which includes 2 toplaners. WhiteKnight showed a lot of potential during his first match in Challenger Series with Paris Saint-Germain. We want to make the best possible choice for the team to have the best roster as possible. »


A busy weekend is to come for Paris Saint-Germain League of Legends team.


« I would like to thank you all for your support, it is incredible to see how many people are cheering for Paris Saint-Germain. Better days are to come, I have no doubt ! »


Save the date ! We will play on Saturday morning from 9AM CET and on Sunday at 3PM CET for our last Challenger Series match.


Until then, as our head of eSports says :


« Allez Paris ! »

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