25/01/2019 Rocket League

Qualification of our players for the WSOE in Las Vegas!

The online qualifications open in North America and Europe for the great Rocket League Showdown are over… And the PSG team is one of the winners! It joins the G2 EsportsFlipSid3 Tactics and Aftertoughts teams among the qualifiers for the tournament.
In the middle of the night, our Rocket League team composed of Emil ‘Fruity‘ Moselund, Victor ‘Ferra‘ Francal and Thibault ‘Chaussette45‘ Grzesiak qualified for the WSOE Las Vegas after a final explosive 4-2 win over Team Vitality! The team showed exceptional mental strength to overcome these qualifiers that lasted until late at night. 
This 4th edition of the World Showdown Of Esports will be held on January 26 & 27, at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas. The Rocket League Showdown is an offline tournament with 10 teams from all over the world. Among the 10 teams, 6 are selected and invited while the 4 others had to compete in the qualifying rounds. 
A $100,000 prize pool will be distributed among the 10 participating teams as follows:
  • The winning team will win $50,000!
  • The second one will win $20,000.
  • The teams in 3rd and 4th position will share $15,000.
  • The remaining $15,000 will be distributed among the teams from 5th to 10th place.
Our players will be competing in Round 3 against the American G2 Esports team. If they finish 1st in their group, they will be directly sent to the semi-finals of the tournament! Otherwise, they will have to finish 2nd or 3rd of the group to play Round 6 and earn a place in the semi-finals. You can follow all these games on the Twitch network, by clicking on the following link: https://www.twitch.tv/wsoe  
Our trio is well established at the Vegas hotel, ready to battle it out this weekend. We wish them good luck in shining in this world-class competition. Allez Paris!
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