12/05/2018 DOTA 2


Only a few days after they joined together, the PSG eSports and LGD Gaming have won a first major trophy on Dota 2.


Moscow was one of the most important step of the professional tour and it was also a good occasion to secure a high rank in the global leaderboard in order to be directly invited for The International which are the world championships of Dota 2. For their first appearance under their new colors, the Sino-Malaysian team was under a lot of pressure. On vpesports website, Lu ‘Maybe’ Yao admitted that : « Most of the strategies were implemented before we arrived at the EPICENTER. The patch got released during the flight so we had to adjust and discover what was viable during the group stage ».


As a warm up on the new patch, PSG.LGD had to face Mineski, the team that they lost against during the DOTA Asia Championships final a month ago : « after our loss we discussed about it in order to identify the issue and we used that during this tournament, we understood the way they play » entrusted Yap ‘xNova’ Jian Wei to CyberSport.


Despite the doubts, the team had a brilliant start with a 2-1 victory against that direct contender for the Upper Bracket qualification. The second game against Team Liquid was a bit more complicated (loss 1-2) but the new Parisians managed to get back into it in order to win their last three games of the group stage without conceding a single round allowing them to secure the second spot of their group.


For the semi-final, the PSG.LGD was facing the Russians Virtus Pro who is the most dominant pro team at the moment with nearly 8000 points and what’s more they were playing in front of their public. The two squads jostled, both winning a round. During the deciding round, VP took the first Roshan but the PSG.LGD turned it around by capitalizing on a crucial fight for the map control allowing them to push the opponents back into their base. The Russians could not handle the attacks and they finally gave up under the pressure applied from Wang ‘Ame’ Chunyu and his 13 kills.


The Chinese were back then two games away from the trophy, two games against Team Liquid who they lost against during the group stage. The PSG.LGD did win the first match after two long maps of more than 40 minutes each but Liquid earned the right to revenge after their victory against FlyToMoon during the Lower Bracket final.


The grand final began on a boisterous rhythm with nearly two kills per minute during the first two rounds. The PSG.LGD won the first one but lost the second. Wang ‘Ame’ Chunyu and Lu ‘Maybe’ Yao finally led their team to a 3-1 victory with 23 kills each during the two rounds. The PSG.LGD brings back the first ever trophy in a Major, a first for a Chinese team while the collaboration is only in its early stages. Thanks to this title, the players are taking a serious option on the immediate qualification for The International standing at the fourth rank of the Dota Pro Tour with 4071 points.


Lu ’Maybe’ Yao talked about the victory to vpesports : « First victory in a Major for China and first victory for France on Dota 2. We are going to focus on the TI8, it has always been our goal, now that we are sitting at the 4th rank of the DPC all our attention is focused on The International ».


Focus on the world championships, the PSG.LGD will pursue its preparation as of the 14th of may in Changsha for the MGL Major. Dream Bigger !


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