22/07/2019 Rocket League


After a very exciting tournament, Emil ‘Fruity’ Moselund, Victor ‘Ferra‘ Francal and of course Thibault ‘Chaussette45’ Grzesiak were crowned Grand Champions of the DreamHack Valencia 2019 and thus won one of the major European competitions on Rocket League. They are therefore making a big hit on the DH Pro Circuit.
The competition could have started better though, since after losing to Team Vitality’s rivals our Rocket League team found itself playing in the Losers’ Bracket of this DreamHack 2019. But it is apparently what our players needed to show their best level and especially their class, in the image of a Chaussette45 completely on fire who made a true offensive demonstration.

After defeating Team Dignitas 3-2 in an incredible match in which our team showed character and determination, PSG Esports made it to Day 3 where the Fennec Show will begin. Indeed, after defeating the Cloud9 team and securing 4th place, our team reached the semi-finals against The Bricks Rocket League. That’s when the show started. Thibault ‘Chaussette45’ Grzesiak scored a series of goals from another planet and paralyzed the enemy, who was forced to lose 3-1. A game in which our team proved to be dangerous, of course, but above all creative and beautiful to watch. It is now playing the grand final against the NRG team, which had a solid run during this competition. A final that promised to be entertaining.

And indeed, it has been. It was a fierce battle between the two teams with a real festival of goals from both sides. But as he showed throughout the event, Fennec was in Olympic form: while there were 2 games everywhere, he allowed PSG Esports to win its 3rd game with a stratospheric goal where he used the arena ceiling to score. Never seen before.
It is therefore by defeating the NRG team with a score of 3-2 that our wonderful Rocket League team became champion of the DreamHack Valencia 2019. A superb performance that allows the players to come home with $50,000 in their pocket and bring PSG Esports to the rank of a real heavyweight on the pro Rocket League circuit. Allez Paris!

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