03/02/2017 League of Legends


We are pleased to welcome Hadrien ‘Hadrien’ Forestier as Paris Saint-Germain League of Legends coach !

After two years as a shoutcaster and writer for the french eSports scene, Hadrien ‘Hadrien’ Forestier wanted to see eSports from another point of view.


« I wanted to discover the other side, the other aspect of eSports. To be in a team, to think more about how to win than to analyze a win » said Hadrien.


As a shoutcaster, Hadrien sure knows how to analyze a game and the current meta. His knowledge and his will to be part of a team convinced head of eSports Bora ‘Yellowstar’ Kim who greeted Hadrien as coach of PSG League of Legends team.


« The project of PSG eSports is super great ! » Hadrien ensures.


So what is the exact role of a coach ? There is no right answer to this and Hadrien understood it well. Every coach has his own idea of the role :


« For me, a coach has first to give motivation to the team, obviously, facilitate communication, but also identify the meta, give the best drafts, because we also have to prepare the team on how to win a game. »


A perfect challenge for the former League of Legends shoutcaster. His role will also be to answer the players’ needs and to place them in the best possible conditions to win their matches.


The European Challenger Series are about to start, and all of the PSG eSports team has worked very hard to prepare its first tournament. The picks and bans phase changed a bit (it shifted from 6 to 10 bans) but they all feel ready for the EUCS. For Hadrien, it is a really good change from Riot, as it will bring some diversification on the Rift.


When you ask coach Hadrien about the training, he will simply answer that « our goal is to play in the cleanest way possible, maybe more like the Korean way. » A high expectation and still a « long way to go », but Hadrien is quite optimistic on that point :


« Our goal is to go to the LCS […]. I think we have a decent chance, our team has a lot of potential. »


Six good teams will confront this season on the European Challenger Series scene, promising good matches and beautiful actions. Let’s wish PSG League of Legends team the best of luck for their upcoming matches and again bienvenue Hadrien !


Check out Hadrien’s whole interview on our YouTube channel !

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