25/01/2018 Fifa


This weekend, Lucas ‘DaXe’ Cuillerier and Gordon ‘Fiddle’ Thornsberry are travelling over to Spain to participate in the first major event of the FIFA eWorld Cup which is the FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona.


For this brand new season, EA Sports decided to change the progress of their internationals events. First of all, the matches will no longer be played according to a single round rule but with two games of 90 mins. If there is still no winner after the 180 mins played, there will be some extra time and a penalty shootout if needed in order to name the winner.


The group stage also changes with the introduction of the Swiss rounds. The players are no longer dispatch into groups of 4 but instead there will be one group of 64 players on PS4 and Xbox One. In order to qualify for the knockout stage, the Parisians will have 7 rounds to play and they’ll need to win 4 matches against opponents who have the same victory/lost ratio. This means that the best players will play each others in order to qualify while the others will play to kick each others out. Without any losses the players will be able to qualify in four matches only. And what if they fail ? Well as long as Lucas ‘DaXe’ Cuillerier and Gordon ‘Fiddle’ Thornsberry don’t get 4 losses out of 7 matches, they will still be able to reach the next stage.


The 32 PS4 and Xbox One players who went through the Swiss rounds will continue their journey in a more traditional way playing the round of 32 without any chance of being brought back into the tournament after a loss. The bracket will be determined by the players performances during the previous group stage. The two console winners will face each other in the Grand Final in order to claim the trophy and the 22 000$ at stake.


This will certainly be a really dense tournament for both of the Paris Saint-Germain eSports players but what’s at stake is huge, indeed if they manage to reach the quarter final on their console they will automatically receive a ticket for the FIFA eWorld Cup Global Series. You’ll be able to follow the journey of the two Parisians from January 26th to 28th on EA Sports FIFA Twitch channel and on our PSG eSports twitter account. Allez Paris !

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