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12 /10
Rocket League


The Paris Sant-Germain eSports Rocket League team had a strong start in RLCS and got a place for the World Championship.

  For their first laps with the parisian’s colors, Thibault 'Chausette' Grzesiak, Dan 'Bluey' Bluett and Victor 'Ferra' Francal dominated the season 4 of the Rocket League Championship Series in Europe.   After 5 weeks of the competition, the team EnVyUs managed to place influence over the Franco-British trident, ending their six wins series in the regular season. An almost uncontested leadership for the PSG eSports which finishes second of the european league, on points, behind the northern team Method.   #RLCS Season 4 World Championship is headed to Washington D.C. on November 10-12! See event details here: — RLCS (@RLCS) 10 octobre 2017 Strong against the best formations of the old continent, PSG eSports’ young talents have shown all their talent making 147 savings, the best european total, making them the second best defence of the league with only 1,8 goals given up per match.   On an individual basis, Victor 'Ferra' Franca is the third best scorer worldwide with 0,97 goal  per match. Thibault 'Chausette' Grzesiak is in sixth place in the savings per match classification with 1,93 shots blocked on average and the british anchorman Dan 'Bluey' Bluett ranks in the best passers top 10 worldwide. Successful in all aspects of the game, PSG eSports’ players will soon compete with the best teams in the world during the final phase, a LAN meeting in whom only the french Victor 'Ferra' Francal participated until now, getting the third place in season 3.   The parisians will fly to Washington D.C. on november the 11th and 12th to try to win a first title with the PSG. A not-to-be-missed meeting that you will be able to watch on the Twitch Rocket League channel. Go Paris ! EnregistrerEnregistrer

05 /10
League of Legends


Paris Saint Germain eSports and Bora ’YellowStaR’ Kim have today parted ways mutually after one year of collaboration together.

Nominated for the position of head of eSports when the new section was launched, Bora ‘YellowStaR’ Kim placed the PSG at the highest level on all fronts. “Looking back, we had ups and downs. Starting with an incredible and unique entry into the esports scene: a very good FIFA 17 season signed by Lucas 'DaXe' Cuillerier’s world championship title, a challenging but disappointing season on League of Legends and now a sky rocketing debut on Rocket League! ” Even though his desire to bring PSG eSports in the elite division of League of Legends was not fulfilled, Bora ‘YellowStaR’ Kim assures that it was: “an emotional adventure […] I can’t be more thankful for the extraordinary opportunity they offered me, the trust they have put in me and the experience was just beyond everything I could have imagined!”. Today, as the one year mark approaches: “PSG eSports section is at a crossroads […] given the PSG position on [League of Legends], we decided to part ways.” The club ruled on its future on the League of Legends stage via a press release, the section lead by Bora ‘YellowStaR’ Kim has entered a new era and the Head of eSports decided to opt for a new adventure in accord with the executives. The Paris Saint-Germain eSports would have most likely never known such success in its first year without the support, experience and expertise of Bora ‘YellowStaR’ Kim. The capital city club is extremely thankful for everything that the League of Legends champion and veteran has accomplished within his eSport section and wishes him all the success in his future endeavors. The Parisian adventure continues!

05 /10
League of Legends


PSG eSports’ ambitions are, as announced with the launch of our eSports divisions,  to reinforce our international influence and to reach new audiences while diversifying our activities.

  As part of our 2018 season’s preparation, and after much discussions with the game publisher, Riot Games, numerous uncertainties remain in our view on the future of the League of Legends eSports scene in Europe.   Our Challengers Series experiences lead us to wonder about the League of Legends competitive scene economic balance. The revenue sharing model offered by Riot Games is very far from compensating the costs of a structure with European ambitions, partly because of the strong inflation of pro-gamers salaries, in our mind unjustified regarding the audience numbers evolution of the last months.   As a result, we chose to suspend our activities on League of Legends for the moment. Nonetheless we want to thank Riot Games for the assistance and support they gave us.   We will of course continue investing in our eSports division, as shown last week with the launch of our Rocket League team, and we are already preparing new announcements for the next season.