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19 /04


Paris Saint-Germain eSports announced today a partnership with LGD Gaming, the historical DOTA 2 chinese franchise.

The story of LGD on the Valve MOBA starts in 2009 with the recruitment of Chinese players from “For The Dream”, winners of the SMM in Kuala Lumpur. Three years later, the structure successfully achieved the transition to DOTA 2 with a podium at the 2012 edition of The International. Already well established competitively and enjoying a good popularity with the Chinese public, the club tries a first international experience that will last almost a year with Western players. In spite of rather convincing performances, tensions between the players and the difference of vision with the organization led the organization to put a stop to the project. Starting in 2014, LGD focused on the Chinese scene by investing in youth. With LGD CDEC and then LGD Forever Young the structure has accompanied several young talents in their discovery of the highest competitive eSports level. Wang 'Ame' Chunyu and Lu 'Maybe' Yao are pure fruits of this training center. The “Solo Middle” and “Carry” have been playing together for nearly three years now. A long collaboration that paid last year with a fourth place at The International and a victory in the Mars Dota 2 League. To reach a new milestone, the duo decided to start again from scratch by recruiting three players at the end of 2017, starting with a new captain. At only 23 years old, Xu 'Fy' Linsen already has reached two quarterfinals at the World Championships, in 2014 and in 2015. As for them, Jian Wei 'xNova' Yap  and Yang 'Chalice' Shenyi are two very young talents that quickly proved their potential. Since their arrival, LGD has reached the finals of two major events, the StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 4 and the 2018 Asia Championships. Five years after their first international adventure, it is with this young, experienced and talented team that LGD Gaming is embarking on this new era. There are still a few months to ramp up and prepare The International 2018. Under the colors of Paris Saint-Germain eSports, the structure sets out to conquer the globe and a world champion title. Dream bigger !

19 /04


Paris Saint-Germain eSports announces its arrival on the DOTA 2 stage in partnership with the Chinese eSports giant LGD Gaming.

  The club of the capital signs its return on the MOBA genre and is out to conquer the DOTA 2 scene with the Chinese players Wang 'Ame' Chunyu, Lu 'Maybe' Yao, Yang 'Chalice' Shenyi, Xu 'Fy' Linsen and Malaysian Jian Wei 'xNova' Yap. If the players remain under the management of their historic team, they will now wear the jersey of PSG eSports.   By mixing their experiences and expertises, the two clubs want to break new barriers: « We are very happy to work with LGD, a major structure in China. This partnership fits perfectly with our development strategy and I look forward to build new exciting projects with them, » said Yassine Jaada, PSG eSports's CGO.   The enthusiasm is shared by Xuan Li, General Manager of LGD: « We are looking forward to partnering with such a legendary club as Paris Saint-Germain eSports. We are very honored that PSG recognizes our brand, our successes and our experience. We look forward to going even further with PSG to make our fans proud. » This experience will be crucial to achieve the Parisian goals: « Our goal is to go to The International and to get the best performance, » said Yassine Jaada.   According to Fabien Allègre, director of merchandising and diversification of the Paris Saint-Germain brand, this partnership marks a major turning point: « We are very happy to once again be a pioneer by being the first major European football club to invest on DotA 2. With an average of over 500,000 players simultaneously connected, Dota 2 is one of the most popular eSports games, especially in Asia, a strategic region for PSG. Driven by the ambition of the club and our confidence in our partners LGD and Webedia, we are determined to make this commitment a success. » Paris Saint-Germain relies on its eSports section to open the way to the Asian continent but also Eastern Europe or North America where DOTA is very well established.   The five PSG eSports players will take their first steps with their new jerseys in Moscow for the Epicenter XL starting on April 27th. One of the nine “million-dollar Majors” of the season but most importantly a key meeting in the race for the qualifying points for The International, the world championship. If the season is also punctuated by Minors, these Majors are an opportunity to consolidate the club's place at the top of the overall standings to qualify for this major tournament that will take place this summer.   Huan ying (welcome) LGD Gaming and dream bigger!

13 /04


We haven't heard a lot about you Yassine.

Can you give us some insights about your experiences and your daily job here at Paris Saint-Germain eSports ? Well my eSports career really started with Starcraft II, and I have to say that now it was quite a few years ago ! I had the incredible chance to work alongside some of the best Starcraft players in Korean MVP team. I learned a lot over there especially with their mentality and the way they were training to become and stay the best. After that I became a manager for a Call of Duty team before joining Paris Saint-Germain where I’m now the Chief Gaming Officer since last summer. My job here at PSG eSports is to work closely with the club on our eSports strategy on short, mid and long term, to hire and keep our players, and most important, to make sure they can perform in the best environment possible. We have a lot of international players, who are not living in Paris compared to our football & handball sections, so it matters a lot to me that they feel like Paris Saint-Germain players. We take every occasion possible to arrange meeting with players of other sections, to make them attend games at Parc des Princes, etc. Ici c’est Paris, and they can feel it !   So as you worked for traditional eSports teams, what would be the biggest difference working for a football club like Paris Saint-Germain ? I guess that the goal for any competitive organisation is… to win ! So this part doesn’t change much ! The biggest differences I would see is first the number of people working for a top European club like Paris Saint-Germain, it’s really impressive and motivating to work alongside some of the very best in their fields. Secondly, we are trying to mix the eSports codes with the traditional sports codes, and it’s something really challenging. We’re at the very beginning of the football clubs journey in eSports, and I’m glad to be part of it and to help opening the way !   Since PSG eSports left the League of Legends scene, the club is currently on two games, FIFA & Rocket League, can we expect some surprises for 2018 ? After we left the League of Legends scene, we took some time redefining our priorities and what had to be PSG eSports especially in 2018. Our ambition is to go on games that are compatible with Paris Saint-Germain spirit, and that enter our strategy to reach a new audience that is not in touch on a every day basis with PSG brand. To answer your question : yes, you can expect some surprises for 2018 ! We’re looking a lot games, and to those that asked if we are done with MOBA yet, I guess we are not. A word aswell on our FIFA section… It’s like the most natural thing for a football club, but we really tried to do things differently from other clubs. We did something unique, as we have world class players in almost every continent… Europe, North America, South America, Middle East… And all I can say is that we are not done yet.   Some last words for the PSG eSports fans ? We owe you big for supporting us since the beginning, and i’m very excited for the future of PSG eSports along with you all ! Allez Paris !