08/06/2017 Fifa


June 8th, Paris. It’s time for a last shot for August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeier and Lucas ‘DaXe’ Cuillerier. Thanks to their performances in FUT Champions Season 3 both players managed to qualify for the Regional Qualifiers which is the last step before the London’s Grand Final.


The FIWC Regional Final will take place in Munich from June 9th to the 15th. The road has been full of pitfalls for our champions during the previous events : this year the level is really high thanks to EA Sports’ parts in the competitive scene, that’s why a lot of good players are attempting to become professionals. Pressure is at its best, the room to manoeuvre is smaller and smaller. This time there is no mistakes permitted in the tournament to stay afloat.


Agge says : « In Madrid, my last competition was a cold shower. I was very disappointed because I know that I could have done better. On the other side this little failure gave me a significant boost and motivate me to focus on my weaknesses. I am training a lot at the moment and I have the intention to be the best for Munich. »


This time the tournament will look a lot different, as the format will permit to the player to qualify directly from the group phases. The competition won’t be easier since only 1 of 5 players would be able to qualify for London. Therefore there will not be a “grand final”. Once again the two parisians are placed in hard groups against some known players that are often on the top of the board.


DaXe tells : « My group is really cruel because we all have the level to qualify, we went to several Regionals, ended up on nice scores on FUT Champions, but this time only one will be victorious. The pressure is big even if we don’t play on a great stage because we’re playing for a spot in London. Won’t be easy but I think I can go through this, I am confident. »


Save the dates, Lucas will play on June 9th and you’ll be able to see August’s performance on June 14th.

Follow them in their ascent to the FIWC Grand Final. Allez Paris !

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