05/05/2017 Fifa


May 5th, Paris. Paris Saint-Germain eSports’ players Lucas ‘Daxe’ Cuillerier and August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeier are going to Madrid FIFA17 Ultimate Team Regional Final this weekend to compete for a spot for the FUT Championship Final in Berlin.


The FUT Regional Finals are one of the most important tournaments of the year as it is a huge step to reach the FIWC Grand Final.


A little bit of pressure but no worries for DaXe who is at his best level at the moment and in a really good mood thanks to his recent Gamer Assembly’s Champion title.


Lucas tells : « The Gamers Assembly tournament was really exhausting, I had to play a lot because of my FUT Champions matches and I had to be fully focused on each game. But this tournament was a nice training I know that my state of mind is the key no matter how hard is the pressure. It makes me confident for the upcoming matches. »


Meanwhile August is perfecting his strategy before the beginning of the competition. Known for his solid defensive gameplay, the danish player is putting the finishing touches to his team to face the greatest FIFA17 players.


He adds : « Since I am qualified for the FIWC Regional Qualifiers, the last FUT Champions were not that important so I made some tests and tried different players. I have an idea of what my team will look like. I think that I am ready for Madrid. »


Our third PSG eSports’ player Rafael ‘Rafifa13’ Fortes will wait for them in Berlin where he previously got qualified thanks to his victory in the Miami Regional Grand Final.


If Lucas or August don’t manage to reach Berlin they will have another chance to hit the FIWC Grand Final thanks to their qualification at the FIWC Regional Qualifiers at the end of Season 3.

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