23/02/2017 League of Legends


We are pleased to welcome Matti ‘WhiteKnight’ Sormunen in Paris Saint-Germain League of Legends team as sub Top Laner.

We have met WhiteKnight and Head of eSports Bora ‘Yellowstar’ Kim to get to know more about the young finnish player.


While the Challenger Series competition is still playing, the results of Paris Saint-Germain League of Legends team are not as good as expected. With just one point won last week against Misfits Academy (out of 9 points to be won since the beginning), Head of eSports Bora ‘Yellowstar’ Kim has been seeking for solutions to improve his team.


« In the long run, we would ideally have a sub at every post » Yellowstar explains. « The competition get harder every year and there are a lot of new talented players : we need to find a way to improve ourselves as individuals but also as a team. We want to create an healthy rivalry where players can help each others, sharing their gameplay and their communication tips. Broadly speaking, we want them to step back to improve their weaknesses contribute to the team. »


Accustomed to the top of the Challenger ladder, Matti ‘WhiteKnight’ Sormunen was the perfect candidate to fill the role.


« I’m looking forward to playing with PSG eSports and Steve : he is a veteran player, I can learn from him ! » WhiteKnight assures.


« Matti is a very talented player and reached the top of the ladder frequently since the game exists. He couldn’t play as a professional player before because of his studies, but now that it’s done, he is free to join a professional team. That is why we contacted him and tested his performances : he’s been very convincing individually as a player, he has a good game comprehension and adapts very well. » Yellowstar adds.


As there are only two weeks of competition left, we asked Yellowstar if and when we will be able to see WhiteKnight on the Rift, wearing the PSG colors.


« For now, Steve and WhiteKnight are sharing a scrim bloc per day. When one of them doesn’t play, he is with us during the training to listen to the communication, see the team dynamic and learn more in general. The player who will play on Sunday against Team Kinguin will have deserved its place ! »


« I want to be the best and I really want to show my strengths alongside with the rest of the team. I adapt to how the game is going, but I try to be aggressive when it’s possible. » Matti adds.


We will closely follow the evolution of Matti ‘WhiteKnight’ Sormunen within the PSG eSports team. We wish him the best of luck and once again, bienvenue WhiteKnight !

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