20/04/2017 League of Legends


March 20th, Berlin. The League of Legends Spring Split is coming to an end. Even if they played their last match on March 26th against Fnatic Academy, the Paris Saint-Germain eSports is only starting now to think to have some rest.


A little over a month after their last game, PSG eSports players and staff had some time to step back and think about their last series in playoffs. Down and disappointed by their performance at first, the Parisians are however ready to come back stronger.


« Once the playoffs’ matches were over, we took some time for ourselves. We then took the time to be together and talk about anything. It’s important to keep a united team spirit, in defeat as well as in victory » confides Bora ‘Yellowstar’ Kim, head of eSports.


« The days after our defeat were really hard. I was feeling really empty the following days and ended up doing nothing but thinking about the games and what we could have done better. » admits Thomas ‘Kirei’ Yuen, jungler for the League of Legends team. « I knew that the playoffs were going to be pretty close. But we didn’t play as good as we were in scrims, we were so close to the victory… We really were disappointed. »


Disappointment was big for the team that were really close to the Promotion tournament : after equalizing the BO5, the team ended up by losing 2-3 against Fnatic Academy, who is now playing in LCS. But looking back at where it had started, the team can be proud of what it has accomplished.


« The start of the regular season was pretty rough, we had a lot of pressure because everyone had very high expectations. But throughout the split, we’ve improved and managed to have a decent teamplay. » adds Kirei.


« After the loss everyone was disappointed. We needed to find solutions or improvements for the upcoming split » says Bora. « Once we had it done, we began to think about the holidays. It is important for the players to go back home and be out of the Gaming house to recharge their batteries and be away for some time of the competition’s pressure. »


So let’s go for a some vacation for PSG eSports’ players who are about to fly to their native country. Rest, but not too much !


« I don’t have plans for vacation yet, it is most likely going to be relaxing at home and keep practicing soloQ to maintain my level and be ready for next split ! » says Kirei.


We wish our League of Legends players happy holidays until their come back at the gaming house on May 13th. See you next split !

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