09/06/2017 League of Legends


June 9th, Paris. Etienne 'Steve' Michels joins the spanish team Neverback Gaming until the end of the Segunda Division of the LVP.

Paris Saint-Germain eSports and Neverback Gaming teams, along with Etienne ‘Steve‘ Michels, decided that the Parisian toplaner will play on loan for the spanish team.


The spanish team entered League of Legends in 2016. It quickly managed to make its place in the LVP Segunda División and even succeeded in finishing second during the Spring Split. It is an opportunity for the player, who is currently sub in the parisian team, to keep on practicing in competition.


« I didn’t really know the other players of the team, but I knew that their corean players managed to hit the top of the SoloQ rank, I think we have some good chances to win the tournament ! Thanks to all of you who follow me, I am going to do my best to win and I will keep on streaming as soon as possible. Thanks also to PSG eSports and Neverback Gaming for this opportunity ! »


We wish Steve goodluck and will see them again with the Paris Saint-Germain’s color at the end of the LVP Segunda División, on June 25th !

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