15/08/2017 Fifa


August 15th, Paris. The FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) Grand Final will take place from August 16th to August 18th in London. Paris Saint-Germain eSports will be represented by two of its players : the Brazilian Rafael ‘Rafifa13’ Fortes and the Qatari Ahmed ‘Aameghessib’ Al-Meghessib.

The season has been full of emotions for our Paris Saint-Germain eSports’ players who however managed to qualify for the FIWC Grand Final in London. From August 16 to 18, they will face the best players in the world and will need to show their mental and technical strengths to be able to take a place on the podium.


« I am in the death group again. I know this makes things difficult, but if I want to be a champion, I can not choose the opponents. I’m totally focused on overcoming my rivals in London » states Rafifa13.


On his side, Aameghessib followed a special training in preparation for the Grand Finale :


« I have been spending time on analysing and observing every opponent participating in the Grand Final and taking notes of all their advantages and disadvantages to find the best tactics and strategies through utilising my opponents’ weaknesses against them, and to further develop my own skills in the game. »


Players are inspiring each others and often train together to improve their game.


« I think the two FIFA players I most admire are Bruce Grannec and my teammate August Rosenmeier. They are icons in terms of champions, behaviour and history in the FIFA history » Confides Rafael.


« Thank you all for your support this year. We will do our best to be champion in London. Allez Paris, Vamos Paris ! » he concludes.


We wish our two players to follow the path of their idols and to have the chance to lift the FIFA World Champion trophy on August 18th in London !

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