04/08/2017 Fifa


July 27th, Paris. All the participants of the FIFA Interactive Club World Cup (FICWC) have been announced, the tournament will take place in London on August 5th. Paris Saint-Germain will be present with its two European players August AggeRosenmeier and Lucas DaXeCuillerier.


Lately many football clubs joined eSports and recruited FIFA players. FIWC offered a last chance to get a spot for the FIWC Grand Final in London, a first edition of a tournament between 24 players representing 19 football clubs will be played on August 5th. Paris Saint-Germain being a pioneer in football club eSports will obviously take part in it with two players.


As a reminder the FIWC Grand Final gathers all the Regionals’ winners, they will compete from 16-18 August in London in order to determine the best player of the year.


The FICWC tournament will be played in a standard format and is a great last chance for players who are performing in a club to qualify.


Competing players will be split into two divisions for Playstation and Xbox, each division will be split into two groups of 6 players. The top 2 players in each groups will go through the final phase. Each division champions will be qualified for the FIWC Grand Final.


August AggeRosenmeier and Lucas DaXeCuillerier will have their last chance to qualify for the FIWC Grand Final in a prestigious tournament. Among the participants some well known faces as Fouad RafsouFares from OL eSports, Benedikt Salz0rSaltzer playing for VfL Wolfsburg or Kieran KezBrown from Manchester City.


Good luck to Agge & DaXe and allez Paris !

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