19/03/2017 League of Legends


With only 1 point until the fourth week of European Challenger Series, PSG eSports struggled to show its true potential but finally redressed the balance and won the two next series.

March 13th, Berlin. Despite a rough start Paris Saint-Germain’s League of Legends team made it to the playoffs. We’ve met the players and the staff to talk about this first Spring Split in Challenger Series.


The team started from the bottom. As a newly formed team with imported players communication was not at its best. The multiple mistakes around the objectives in the first matches hurt the players confidence making them hesitate on every decision.

Bora ‘Yellowstar’ Kim stated : « First of all, I would say that we did not have the easiest first weeks. However, we were facing issues and I had to find solutions in order for the team to perform. »


Lately, PSG eSports has straighten up partly thanks to Matti ‘WhiteKnight’ Sormunen who is known as a multirole talent in Solo Queue and who is also very reliable in team. He offered a great performance at his arrival and impressed everyone in his two first series, showing a great deal of outplays. The whole team got refreshed and started to really play together. It permitted to secure most of the objectives and not to fear the teamfights.

« WhiteKnight is a confident player which brings more stability to the team. Trust between members of a team is essential. He is also able to pressure a lot his opponent or the map in general which creates more opportunities. » Yellowstar adds.

WhiteKnight shares « It feels good to have good results, we had a good run these last 2 weeks. I like the meta at the moment, carries top are funnier to play but I don’t mind tanks if it is a better fit for the team. »


A lot has been done but it’s not finished yet. Playoffs are coming and our League of Legends team will face Fnatic Academy in a best of 5. Pressure is at its climax, the team needs to step up to face them and hope to reach the promotion tournament.


Despite some mistakes around the objectives, the team seems to have a better control on the game and keeps its advantage from the early game. PSG eSports is showing a new face and is bringing its own playstyle into the league thanks to picks such as Azir and Rek’Sai.

« I’m picking Rek’Sai when it has a decent jungle matchup and when it is good for the team composition ! » Assures Thomas ‘Kirei’ Yuen.

Yellowstar comments : « In all honesty, I am not really pleased of the level of the team. I’m expecting way more from the players. But looking back from where we started, I can see that everyone improved, worked a lot but didn’t improve to the pace I was wishing for. However, I do trust them. Playoffs give us more time to prepare and I’m helping the coach and the players as much as possible. »


It’s not a shame to say that most of the people lost hope at some point, but the team showed that they wanted to fight. They are doing their best, progresses have been made and they keep working hard with the desire to reach a LCS spot. Thanks to their recent performances we can now dream bigger again.

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