17/04/2019 Fifa


What a month of April for Lucas Cuillerier aka ‘DaXe‘, who just a few days after becoming the 5th best pro FIFA player on Xbox, becomes world champion by winning the FIFA eNations Cup in London in duet with his friend Corentin Thuillier, called ‘Maestro99‘. We’ll recap all this here.


Let’s go back to the beginning of April, where DaXe participated in the 6th Fut Champions Cup. He expressed a great frustration following his defeat against ‘AjaxJoey94‘ which led to his disqualification from the competition. But bad news led to a good one, this defeat gave him 275 FGS points and officially propelled him to the 5th place in the Global Series Xbox Ranking.


A week later, DaXe joined Maestro99 to represent France at the eNations Cup, the first FIFA competition per country. We remind you that France was part of the “death group” alongside these 5 other countries:


– England

– Finland

– South Africa

– Saudi Arabia

– France


The group stages were complicated for the French team, whose qualification was based on Finland‘s victory over Saudi Arabia. Fortunately, the northerners defeated the Saudis, which helped “Les Bleus” reach the quarter-finals against Brazil. This quarter was mastered by our French duo, who inflicted a crushing defeat on the Brazilians. In the semi-finals, our Frenchies faced Portugal and won thanks to a great collective performance.

So, this is how France qualified to compete in the first final of this eNations Cup against the Argentina of Nicolas ‘Nicolas99FC‘ Villalba, FIFA’s best player on Ps4.


Before starting this last crucial match, we met our 2 French players during an interview where we saw them relaxed but determined, just like a confident DaXe who said, “A final is not to be played, it is to be won“. This is the state of mind in which our champion is approaching this final, and it is him who will make the difference….


In the first game, Maestro and Nicolas99FC were unable to split and end in a 1-1 draw. The Frenchman played a very good match by resisting the attacks of the world’s best player. Everything was therefore on the shoulders of DaXe who was playing against Yagocai… and won 2-1! His victory made France the first nation to win the world championship on FIFA, almost a year after winning the one in real life.

With this victory, they are almost securing their places for the eWorld Cup that will take place this summer. A great moment in the history of French eSports.


DaXe‘ celebrated its 19th birthday on Friday 13 April. One week before, he became the 5th best player on Xbox in the world, the next day he became world champion representing France at the first FIFA competition per country. With the points he obtained this weekend, it is even possible that he will be propelled to 3rd place in the world… Let’s not forget that last December DaXe was ranked 10th in the world. What an ascension! And what a pride for PSG Esports to have a player of this quality in its ranks.

Congratulations again to him! Allez Paris!

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