08/08/2019 Fifa

DaXe failed to reach the final stages of the FIFA eWorld Cup

This weekend was held in London the FIFA eWorld Cup – more commonly known as the FIFA world championship – in which Lucas “DaXe” Cuillerier participated thanks to a more than successful season and a champion title win at the FIFA eNations Cup that enabled him to reach the 3rd place in the world general ranking. Unfortunately, after a cruel defeat against the reigning world champion “MsDossary”, DaXe finished 5th in his group and saw his dreams of finals disappear. Let’s have a look back at his journey.

The competition had not started so badly for our player who had ensured the necessary by ranking 3rd in his group at the end of the first day, with a total of 3 wins and 2 losses. But the level being extremely high, the difference in points between the players is very small and the difference can be made to very few things… Indeed, to start this 2nd day of competition, DaXe faced “Goal Machine FIFA” and took the lead at the 18th minute with a goal proving why he is called “The Artist”. But at this level, you should never let your guard down: even though he dominated the game, DaXe was finally joined at the end of the game to conclude on a score of 2-2.

The result is complicated as the last group match approaches against the title holder “MsDossary”, who is flying over this group phase with a total of 6 wins to his credit. And unfortunately DaXe could not face the Saudi who won his 7th consecutive victory: perfect result for the reigning world champion. This defeat was all the more difficult to swallow for DaXe who was cruelly eliminated by finishing 5th in group D, due to a small difference of points…

His French companion Maestro, with whom he won the FIFA eNations Cup a few months ago, finished 4th in his group and managed to reach the quarter-finals before losing in a very close match against the man who would eventually win the competition: the German “MoAuba”.

It is on a frustrating and bitter result that our artist DaXe concludes this FIFA eWorld Cup. The FIFA19 season is over and it is now time for The Artist to prepare for the next FIFA20 season, which promises to be exciting and full of surprises! Allez Paris!

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