14/04/2017 Fifa


April 14th, Paris. From the 15th to 17th April at the Parc des Expositions de Poitiers, the 18th edition of the Gamers Assembly will open its doors, gathering multiples of high level tournaments Paris Saint-Germain eSports will be represented in the FIFA17 competition by our young World Champion Lucas ‘Daxe’ Cuillerier.


Time has passed since the last competition for Lucas. It is with a great enthusiasm that the young parisian prodigy is going to the Gamers Assembly to once again face some of the best FIFA players in the world.


« The LAN atmosphere is really special, it’s far from the house’s ambiance, you are surrounded by people and most of them are watching you play. It changes a lot and I like that ! »


Lucas does not lose sight of the FUT Champion’s online tournament that gives him another chance to hit the Regional Qualifiers at the end of this 3rd season. To help him, the Gamers Assembly staff managed to provide a little area for Daxe that will permit him to play all his matches in the best conditions.


Lucas shares : « At first I really hesitated to go to the Gamers Assembly because of the online qualification at the end of the month. But they are really kind to set up everything so I will be able to do my matches. Of course it will be a busy weekend and I will have no time to rest, but I’m going to play my best. Even if we are not playing for a huge prize, it’s always nice to do some matches on the ground against other good players. It trains for biggest competitions. »


Follow us this weekend to know more about Lucas Cuillerier’s path.


« I’m going to do my best to win the tournament but also for my FUT Champions weekend. Allez Paris ! »

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