28/11/2016 Fifa


November 24-26th, Jönköping, Sweden. Paris Saint-Germain eSports player August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeier won the FIFA17 Xbox tournament at Dreamhack Winter.

This weekend, Dreamhack organized its first FIFA tournament in FUT mode, allowing the players to play with their own teams in best of threes. Calm and focused, Agge won all of his games and conceded only 2 goals out of 10 matches !

Confident during the Upper bracket final against AS Monaco player Nathan ‘Sneaky’ Nayagom, Agge showed no weakness in his defense and managed to win his BO3 (2-0, 2-0).

In the Grand Final, he once again met Sneaky who made his way from the loser bracket. This time Agge played a lot more aggressive, scoring a total of 7 goals in the two matches, still conceding none to his opponent (3-0, 4-0).

« I think I want to win so badly, I want to win more than my opponent, I really have the passion for this, secondly with passion comes focus, I think these two things are really important. »

Thanks to his victory at Dreamhack 2016 August won a ticket to FUT Season One Regional Finals that will take place in February in Paris.

Fun fact : Agge finished his last matches of the months online and could have been qualified by the FUT Champions ranking. What a monster !

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