05/04/2017 Fifa


April 5th, Paris. August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeier ended his FUT Champions’ month with 193 wins out of 200 which qualifies him to the next step, the FIFA Interactive World Cup Regional Qualifiers. This competition leads directly to the FIWC Grand Final without passing by Berlin. We’ve met August to know his feelings about the online competition.


The tournaments take place throughout the year and it is sometimes hard to be at his best level for each matches. Furthermore to rank up at the end of the month, the players need to play 40 games each week. It’s a lot for casual players who don’t have the time but it’s a nice way to rank the best players.


August says « It is without any doubt very hard to keep a stable level, you need to be 100 percent focused and concentrated every single game, and it is more likely a battle with your own mentality ! The ranking system is fine with 40 games per week – it makes it very competitive as it should be. There are some small changes I would like to see, such as more stable servers and to get rid of the attribute cards some players use. »


The season 3 permits to hit the FIWC Grand Final in a faster way because the competitors have to play only one tournament to get there. It’s a less exhaustive path and an opportunity for everyone that can’t be ignored so all the players are a lot into it. A lot of pressure on August’s shoulders who played his spot at the FIWC this weekend.



August comments « It was very difficult since only 10 players qualify… It was really tough but fortunately I had the margins to qualify. I was playing in a closed room with my coach and some friends supporting me mentality, I needed to win my last 10 games and after 2-3 very intense games I managed to win them all. »


Play a lot and being focused on each match is hard thing to do, especially in an offline competition where all the players are pretty strong. That’s why it is important to play online but also to train high level games before the important tournaments.


Agge adds « I practice with my coach Adel and I practice with my teammates and other pro players but not to many people. You don’t wanna reveal your tactics to everyone ! »


The FIWC Regional Qualifiers date and place are soon to be announced. Stay tuned to know more about the Paris Saint-Germain eSports’ players.


As the proud danish says :


« Ici c’est Paris ! »

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