18/02/2019 Fifa


At the beginning of this year 2019, PSG Esports decided to acquire a Youtuber entirely dedicated to the FIFA eWorld Cup tour. His mission: to follow the club’s FIFA players on the competitions they are playing in and create exclusive content on their experiences and performances.
Arsène, aka AF5, is a French FIFA youtuber and specialist, with more than 300,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel. He creates content around the game, FUTpacksdrafts and tutorials teaching all kinds of dribbles and technical gestures. A few months ago, AF5 was selected to represent France at the World Cup for Youtubers. This competition brings together the world’s greatest FIFA youtubers. This year, the competition was held in Los Angeles, and it was AF5 who brought the Cup home, defeating the famous Saudi representative Abdulaziz Alshehri, FIFA 15 World Champion.
In addition to being an excellent FIFA player, he is also a very strong football player. This is demonstrated by several videos where he can be seen full of technique and experience alongside the youtuber footballer Boumé Sama or the Today It’s Football crew.
As you will have understood, AF5 is a big football fan but also and above all a fan of Paris Saint-Germain. As PSG Esports FIFA players were increasingly solicited, it became complicated for them to create content around their careers and share it with their fans, while remaining 100% focused on their competitions. This is why PSG Esports has chosen to work with AF5.
According to Yassine JaadaAF5 is “very close to our FIFA players and a big PSG fan” before adding that “associating Arsène with our players to make content was simply natural, we expect him to follow our players through the various competitions to show the backstage and make exclusive content around them”. »
A few months after being named 2018 World Champion YoutuberAF5 is now the official youtuber of PSG Esports. Be sure that you can count on him to track the adventures of our players during this FIFA eWorld Cup 2019, which promises to be exciting this year… Let’s welcome him to the PSG. Allez, Paris!
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