11/06/2017 League of Legends


June 4th, Berlin. Tomáš ‘Nardeus’ Maršálek and Felix ‘Noxiak’ Lewis join Paris Saint-Germain League of Legends’ team !

While the Spring Split ended on a disappointing note, the Summer Split seems full of promises. With two brand new players botlane, Tomáš ‘Nardeus’ Maršálek as AD carry and Felix ‘Noxiak’ Lewis as support, head of eSports Bora ‘Yellowstar’ Kim seems confident for the upcoming split :


« To form a team is not easy, it is even harder when you have to form it during the mid-season : the valued players who managed to show their skills during the first split are already under contract with other teams. You need to look for every opportunities. It is even harder to find as there are a lot of aspects that need to be taken into account for the team to work. »


Let’s remind that the Spring Split ended on a disappointement for our League of Legends team, with a defeat against Fnatic Academy during the playoffs, preventing the qualification for the Promotion tournament and the LCS. Disappointed by the performances provided by the team, the staff decided to split up with WooHyung ‘Pilot’ Na & Hampus ‘Sprattel’ Abrahmsson.


« After the defeat, the players didn’t not immediately went on holidays. We stayed at l’Appartement and kept on training. It was a brand new chapter for the team. We have made some tryouts for every roles with different players, in order to see who would form the Paris Saint-Germain eSports’ team.  »


This is how Tomáš ‘Nardeus’ Maršálek and Felix ‘Noxiak’ Lewis, respectively AD carry and Support, joined the PSG eSports team.


« We have made a lot of tryouts to be sure to find the players who would suit the best to the team’s playstyle. What really matters is not the player’s rankings, it is his mental, his ability to adapt and his capacity to represent the colors of Paris Saint-Germain. By contrast with the Spring Split, we had a gaming house with l’Appartement, in which we could welcome the players to train and make the tryouts. After many tryouts, Nardeus and Noxiak appeared to be the players who suited the best to the team composition. Their playstyle adapts the one of the team, and they developed a good synergy together, I am confident for the upcoming split. »


Let’s wish Noxiak and Nardeus good luck, as they join Kirei, Whiteknight and Blanc in the Paris Saint-Germain League of Legends team ! We will see them again in the Summoner’s Rift from June 18th.


« Thank you for cheering us, we will give our everything to qualify in LCS and show you some good games. Allez Paris ! »

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