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We haven’t heard a lot about you Yassine. Can you give us some insights about your experiences and your daily job here at Paris Saint-Germain eSports ?

Well my eSports career really started with Starcraft II, and I have to say that now it was quite a few years ago ! I had the incredible chance to work alongside some of the best Starcraft players in Korean MVP team. I learned a lot over there especially with their mentality and the way they were training to become and stay the best. After that I became a manager for a Call of Duty team before joining Paris Saint-Germain where I’m now the Chief Gaming Officer since last summer.

My job here at PSG eSports is to work closely with the club on our eSports strategy on short, mid and long term, to hire and keep our players, and most important, to make sure they can perform in the best environment possible. We have a lot of international players, who are not living in Paris compared to our football & handball sections, so it matters a lot to me that they feel like Paris Saint-Germain players. We take every occasion possible to arrange meeting with players of other sections, to make them attend games at Parc des Princes, etc.

Ici c’est Paris, and they can feel it !


So as you worked for traditional eSports teams, what would be the biggest difference working for a football club like Paris Saint-Germain ?

I guess that the goal for any competitive organisation is… to win ! So this part doesn’t change much ! The biggest differences I would see is first the number of people working for a top European club like Paris Saint-Germain, it’s really impressive and motivating to work alongside some of the very best in their fields. Secondly, we are trying to mix the eSports codes with the traditional sports codes, and it’s something really challenging. We’re at the very beginning of the football clubs journey in eSports, and I’m glad to be part of it and to help opening the way !


Since PSG eSports left the League of Legends scene, the club is currently on two games, FIFA & Rocket League, can we expect some surprises for 2018 ?

After we left the League of Legends scene, we took some time redefining our priorities and what had to be PSG eSports especially in 2018. Our ambition is to go on games that are compatible with Paris Saint-Germain spirit, and that enter our strategy to reach a new audience that is not in touch on a every day basis with PSG brand. To answer your question : yes, you can expect some surprises for 2018 ! We’re looking a lot games, and to those that asked if we are done with MOBA yet, I guess we are not. A word aswell on our FIFA section… It’s like the most natural thing for a football club, but we really tried to do things differently from other clubs. We did something unique, as we have world class players in almost every continent… Europe, North America, South America, Middle East… And all I can say is that we are not done yet.


Some last words for the PSG eSports fans ?

We owe you big for supporting us since the beginning, and i’m very excited for the future of PSG eSports along with you all ! Allez Paris !

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